We take jobs we are passionate about. It helps us achieve the best.

Our skills cut across soft jobs like consulting, developing business strategy, carrying out research and analyzing data. The hard skills like chatbot development, livestream production and digital project management come in handy when we get down to business.

Livestream Production

Since 2014, we've been helping local and international brands tell their stories.

Lagos State Marathon 2017
Unilag Convocation 2017
Facebook International
Felabration 2017

Website Development

We believe a website is an identity, a unique footprint in time.

Tech gadget e-commerce store built with WordPress
Luxury & bespoke travel magazine with subscription model
Online CBD store to buy CBD products worldwide
Surfing and fitness beach resort with surfing lessons and more
Managed video services & virtual conference platform with live shopping


Conversational Conversion is the future.

This bot takes media inquiries. Deployed on Facebook Messenger.
This bot takes a picture and generates a pledge card to observe social distancing. Deployed on website, Facebook messenger & Telegram
This bot will take in a country and return the number of Covid-19 recovery cases in that country
This USSD app can be used for running traditional campaigns with an easy call to action via USSD for interested parties to opt in. Then a series of communication drips can be set up.