We believe Africa can be great again with a combination of story telling, technology and passion. This is what guides us as we embark on developing technical solutions that change narratives in the African ecosystem.

Levit8 is a data driven power house of ideas.

We are here to work with you towards achieving new solutions and new ways to benefit society. If it can be thought of, we believe it can be manifested. We are also sure our only limitation is a technology that doesn't exist.

For this we are ready to pull and puff till we get a faint ember we can nurture into a flame birthing a light to lift Africa. Collective progress through knowledge.

What we do

We build and consult

By thorough analysis of your project needs, we can help you plan and build a digital direction for your products and services.

We produce live events

Africa needs to take to the internet streets and tell its own stories live. It must refuse to be shackled or held down or have its voice cut off from the world.

We scale growth

Truly African ideas built for the African ecosystem need care, direction and growth. We use chatbots, livestream and data to achieve this.


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213, Muri Okunola street, Lagos, Nigeria